Comprehensive Exam

At Mouthpeace, new patients are offered the chance to have a comprehensive exam done. This exam checks multiple facets of oral health and dental hygiene, and includes the following:

Digital X-Rays. This part of the exam uses x-rays as a diagnostic tool. The x-rays allow your dentist to see the condition of your teeth and gums. They can expose any cavities, show the state of your gums, and evaluate the development of your teeth. The digital X-rays are saved electronically.

Customized treatment plan. The x-rays help in assessing a new patient’s needs, and from there, a plan of action is made. This could include procedures such as cavity fillings, regular teeth cleanings, and future visits. If your teeth need more in-depth orthodontic work, you may also be scheduled for brace fittings, wisdom teeth removal, and other such procedures.

Comprehensive Oral Exam. This includes conducting an extensive medical history - not just dental, because the condition of your body often influences the health of the mouth, and vice versa. Oral cancer screening, periodontal exam, occlusal screening, and a complete cavity check, tooth by tooth, may also be included.

Gum disease charting. This measures the depth of gum tissue around your teeth and any bleeding associated with them. It is used to determine the health of your gums and the bone that supports your teeth. Depending on the results, anything from better oral care to surgery may be necessary.

Oral cancer screenings are highly recommended, because oral cancer can appears with no noticeable symptoms, which makes it particularly deadly, since it can then grow and produce more tumors. Catching it early during an exam is the best way to prevent its effects.

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