Green Dentistry

Benefits of Green Dentistry

Green dentistry is a high-tech approach that reduces the environmental impact of dental practices.  It encompasses a service model for dentistry that supports and maintains wellness. Most paper products that are necessary are from recycled sources.  When purchasing dental materials and disposables, we make every effort to purchase environmentally safe materials.

Digital radiography (xrays)
Approximately 90% less radiation to patients than traditional xrays
Better diagnostic detail
Dramatically reduced harmful chemicals required to develop traditional xrays being released into the environment

Less Chemical Contamination.
We incorporate practices that reduce waste and overall consumption 
We strive to be completely paperless, we limit the use of papers.  
Our patients’ information is safely stored by our energy efficient server and practice software.
Our air compressor is oil-less and waterless, these greatly reduce water use and reduce oil and mercury getting into the waste water.
We use steam sterilization methods that don't require ventilation for chemical vapors
We utilize the technology of Silver and Mercury separators when removing mercury fillings and metal crowns to reduce mercury and metal contaminants in the water supply
Our faucets and fixtures are low-flow
Water saving toilets
High efficiency HVAC
Energy-efficient fluorescent lights
Paints that contain no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC),
Biodegradable disinfectants and other products that decrease the amount of toxins in the air

Fewer Disposables
We strive to be paperless.  
We utilize technology where possible to decrease and eliminate unnecessary waste of paper.
We use energy-star washers and dryers on site to facilitate the use of supplies that are washable and can be reused. This decreases the use of disposable paper and plastic products.
Our future plans include continued efforts to further green our practice.  In the near future we will purchase a digital impression system to further reduce waste.  

More Natural-looking Restorations
Because we appreciate nature and its elements we strive to deliver natural looking restorations using tooth colored composite bondings and fillings, porcelain veneers (including Lumineers and other minimal and no-prep veneers) and crowns.

Less Heavy Metal Waste.
Our tooth colored/metal free restorations are beautiful and extremely durable
Metal free filings and crowns help to eliminate the heavy metal waste associated with silver amalgam fillings and crowns containing metal.

If you are interested in learning more about our eco-friendly measures and how they benefit you and the environment visit the Eco-Dentistry Association (EDA) website (

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