Oral Health

Researchers believe that systemic inflammation is at the foundation of lifestyle diseases. The key to maintaining wellness and preventing dis-ease is to keep our cells well nourished and supplied with anti-oxidants which neutralize free radicals. It is also important to manage the body’s immune response, addressing an out-of-control inflammatory condition before it takes its toll. 

Window to the chronic inflammatory response.
The body’s chronic internal inflammatory response is easily identifiable by examining the gums. Swollen, bleeding gums are an indication that the body’s immune response is engaged and on the attack. Temporary bleeding or swelling may occur when we have a cold, or are under stress.
Regular assessments of periodontal tissue by an expert hygienist are the best way to ensure our body is not trapped in a chronic inflammatory state.

Window to systemic bacterial imbalance.
When bacteria in the mouth become imbalanced, gum/periodontal cells communicate to the need for an immune system attack. If the bacteria are not brought into balance, the periodontal tissue can become the site of chronic inflammation.  The excessive bacteria from the mouth can travel through the bloodstream to predisposed systems in the body leading to chronic disease in other organ systems.  In the dental profession, this connection is often referred to as the oral-systemic link.

Gingivitis- early stage of inflamed gums.

Periodontal disease- later stages of inflammation that affects the bone that supports the teeth.  Left untreated, the immune system continues to destroy the periodontal tissue and bones that hold our teeth in place.

It is estimated that as much as 80% of the population may suffer from periodontal disease.

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