The most important facet of dentistry to many, orthodontics is used to treat Incorrect bite - how the teeth are aligned. Orthodontic procedures, in many cases, are needed when the tooth is significantly bent. However, orthodontics, for many people, provides a profit for more than just the obvious reasons.

Improper bite can be subtle enough that it can go unnoticed for many years without knowing there is a problem, since there are no obvious symptoms to show it. It should be looked at, because something as seemingly simple as the alignment of your teeth can cause snoring, swallowing problems, or even sleep apnea. It can also create aesthetic problems among teeth, on the jaw, or even the lips. Fortunately, these problems can be corrected as well.

Another possible effect of incorrect bite is heart disease. If the alignment of your teeth keeps you from properly cleaning your teeth and keeping them healthy, plaque and calculus deposits can play host to harmful bacteria. This bacteria, if it enters the cardiovascular system, it can cause a dangerous form of heart disease.

Id the problem has been caused by improper bite, orthodontics will be able to support the jaw with teeth and gums pain, oral hygiene, dental caries, and problems such as tenderness. The best way to find out the condition of your teeth and keep them safe is by visiting your dental office. Your dentist will look at your teeth and help to select a treatment plan is best for you. Since braces come in metal, ceramic, and clear options, you can be any age and still feel comfortable wearing them. Set up an appointment to see what kind of orthodontic work you might need the near future!

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